­Potential PhD applicants are welcome to apply to and join in Prof. X. Gao’s research team!


ü Any research topics that cover a wider range of computer vision, image processing, and general computer science will be considered.


ü For example:


+ Image classifications using the approaches of

-       Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)

-       SIFT (2D & 3D)

-       KAZA (2D & 3D)


+ Medical image (MR, Ultrasound, retinal) processing:

-       Segmentation (e.g., tumour)

-       Motion detection

-       Feature measurement.


+ Database development

-       Internet image retrieval

-       Healthcare systems


+ Colour imaging

-       Colour appearance modelling for mobile phone devices

-       Textured colours

-       Colour evaluation for cameras


Application procedures can follow this LINK .


Any query please contact:


Prof. Xiaohong W. Gao

Professor in Vision and Imaging Science

Department of Computer Science

School of Science and Technology

Middlesex University

The Burroughs (Town Hall)


London, NW4 4BT



Tel/Fax: (+)44 (0)20 8411 2252

Email: x.gao@mdx.ac.uk