MIRAGE 2011: Repository Enrichment from Archiving to Creation

This repository project is funded by JISC and is built on the successfully completed project MIRAGE that was funded by JISC. At the moment, MIRAGE respository houses about 100,000 images (2D) and 100 3D images and has been heavely employed by a group of researchers (MSc and PhD students and staff) working on their course work and projects. MIRAGE-2011 (Phase 2) responds to the two major technical enhancements indentified from user point of view in using the repository. One is visualization of higher dimensional images (e.g., 3D) and the other is the ability to upload a query dataset provided by a user, aiming at enriching MIRAGE with more functionalities and shaping up envisages of it being a more usable, beneficial, and sustainable repository to live up to its full potentials, i.e., from archiving to creation. In doing so, open source software, ParaView that shares the same architecture (client-server) as MIRAGE will be embedded into the software system together with the development of PHP code to be programmed into MIRAGE online interface for uploading query data.

Repository @ image.mdx.ac.uk

Project Manager: Dr. Xiaohong (Sharon) Gao

Project Researcher: Dr. Yu (Jade) Qian

Duration: February 1, 2011 to October 31, 2011

Twitter: @MirageJISC