­Welcome to the Dataset of Colour Contrast, Matlab and C++ Programs for Image Retrieval!


CIE tristimulus values measured by Minolta Chroma Meter CS-100A


+ All-data including


-       xyY-values for 16 backgrounds and reference white and reference-colourfulnese

-       Mean subjective estimations of 30 test samples under each background

-       Predictions by CAMcc


+ Matlab programs of CAMcc for processing images featuring


-       Processing images in group

-       Select parameters to be compared, i.e., lightness, colourfulmess and hue

-       Run the demo program to retrieve images.


-       Download Matlab programs (85 mBytes) including all images (in the folder of ‘Image/’.


-       Download Visual C++ programs (9 Mbytes) including all data to compare subjects’ data and CAMcc predictions (in the folder of CAMcc/Data’.


This datasets are part of the paper accepted by Color Research and Application.

Gao X., Y. Wang, Y. Qian, A. Gao, Modelling of chromatic contrast for retrieval of wallpaper images, Color Research and Application, 2014. Accepted.


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