ChinaPACS 2006, Beijing, April 14-16, 2006

Xiaohong Gao - Telemedicine in Europe
Theodore Kalamboukis - MEDical Assistance System: Cross Language Information Retrieval & Image Processing for Diagnosis

EuroPACS 2006, Trodheim, Norway, June 14-17, 2006

John Clark - PET Imaging

Chiang Lin - A Method for Detecting Temporal Motion Velocity and Acceleration of a Part of a Cardiac Structure
Shuqian Luo - Data Acquisition and Visualization of Digital Chinese Human Female
Guohong Zhou - Statistical results of the cochlear implant case study using a database application software
Liqin Huang - Adaptive detection research of omni-directional M-mode echocardiography image’s boundary
Xiaohong Gao - The State of the Art of Medical Image Displays