With its huge population and vast territory, China presents a formidable challenge when it comes to the provision of a modern and advanced health care service to every part of the country. The growing advances in Information Technology and Communications (IT&C) have paved the way for the delivery of healthcare via telemedicine especially to remote and under-served parts of the population. Europe, with its expertise in IT&C and successful development and deployment of advanced imaging equipment, is well-positioned to share its know-how of applications and experience to China.

One of the aims of this project is to identify suitable organisations to establish a network which will serve as a platform for technology transfer from Europe to China. Another aim consists of defining guidelines for the development of a telemedicine system, in particular, tele-imaging. These aims are to be implemented through a series of activities, including an open-dialogue conference, knowledge-promoting seminars, and a networking workshop. The newsletters on this website provide information on the progress of the project. For further information, please use the contact pages.